Meeting Your Litigation Needs

The idea of litigation can often fill business owners with stress and concern. Most people know that these situations warrant legal representation. The lawyer you choose is also important, as the advice and counsel you receive can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

The Lineberger Law Firm is fully prepared to handle your litigation needs. They assist individuals and businesses throughout the San Antonio area with a range of civil, business and commercial litigation matters. Attorney Samira Mery Lineberger has extensive experience in the Texas courts, including cases related to:

  • Commercial liability
  • Contract disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes, including trademark and copyright infringement actions
  • Tort liability
  • Products liability
  • Employee disputes
  • Discrimination

Experienced, Quality Legal Representation

Ms. Lineberger offers not only over 25 years of litigation experience, but also experience in the business world. She has owned and managed small businesses of her own, and understands the impact and expense litigation can have on your company.

With that in mind, the firm strives to provide top quality representation at an affordable price by structuring services to give you the legal representation you need to achieve desirable results. You will be represented in a thoughtful and efficient way that enables the effective management of legal fees and expenses.

Find out more about how Lineberger Law Firm can help with your litigation needs. Call 210-610-2579 or send a message online using the form on this website. Customized fee structures and flexible appointment times are available to meet our customers’ needs.