Family Law

Unfortunately there are times in life when many families suffer the difficult transition of divorce and child custody matters. Business owners are not immune from these problems and have turned to Lineberger Law Firm, where they have already established a trusted relationship, to assist with their family law concerns. Over time, through word-of-mouth and referral, the firm’s family law practice has grown and is now an established area of practice.


Lineberger Law Firm attributes their success in family law to a focus on service and individualism . They are fanatical about being available to clients in a way that is unique to most family law practices. With this firm, you get direct access to the attorney handling your case, and your questions or concerns will not be processed through a legal assistant. You hired an attorney and will be served by that attorney not only in the courtroom, but to discuss your case and handle the issues that can arise unexpectedly. Attorney Samira Mery Lineberger understands that when your family is in crisis, you need support in ways beyond the law. Her family law practice is about not only getting the best results on the legal matters, but also in helping you make the best decisions to keep your life in order and to build a happier life.


With almost all families, from the most modest incomes to the highest income, attorney fees and legal expenses are always a serious consideration when you are facing family law disputes. To meet your needs, the firm will work hard to develop a fee plan and structure that will work for you. While no one ever wants to pay attorney fees, and it is difficult to ever describe attorney fees as “affordable,” they do their best to come up with a fee plan and structure that makes sense for your case and your pocket book.

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